Mantsche – Oceanview 1998 EP

Vienna calling

I don’t think that I am really stepping on anyones toes when I say that Austria hasn’t yet identified itself as one of the hotspots of Dub Techno. But if you’ve ever enjoyed the way time starts stretching out forever when you’re sitting in a Viennese café or when you’re feasting on a real Schnitzel (whatever you get served anywhere else on the planet will not compare, trust me) you will understand why this wonderful city was the center of the Downbeat era – anything beyond 100 bpm seems inappropriate.

But there’s this one small label that begs to differ. Leap Records is based in Vienna, and according to their Bandcamp profile, “Leap is deep”. For most of the label’s repertoire this means Deep House – thankfully of a variety that is inspired by Theo Parrish, Deep House of the deep kind.

The latest addition to the label’s roster is Manuel Tschenett aka Mantsche, and except for a few tracks on label co-founder Alexander Wirth’s “Wave Drifters” EP this is Leap’s first leap into Dub Techno territory. True to the label’s claim the EP starts out on the very deep end of the spectrum. “Deltoid” takes its time, keeps it steady with plenty of space and reverb – if this had come from Detroit and not Vienna the major difference would probably have been that it would have gone on way beyond the nine minutes that Mantsche gives us. And yes, this is a compliment.

Speed and intensity pick up considerably on “Miosis Dub”. Tschenett still keeps it super straight and avoids all complications, fully relying on his chords and waves and effects – unerringly driving forward on a piece that makes you want to revisit some of the more banging grad_u releases. Or YWF. Good one. And if this is still not banging and classic enough, simply choose the title track – “Oceanview” is an even more reduced one chord banger that works best if you crank it up well.

What’s nice about this EP is that it enters the Dub Techno space from different angles without letting us down. While “Miosis Dub” is more Techno than Dub, “Drive Dub” turns it around – here, the Dub is not just in the title, it’s at the heart of the track.

If you are smart enough to buy this EP on Leap’s Bandcamp site you will also get the digital download – and it includes two bonus tracks – both of them again from the very deep end of the Dub Techno spectrum and definitely worth checking out.

Looking at the two no-nonsense peak timers here the “Leap is deep” claim may sound like it’s in need of a little update – but then, no one ever said that deep is slow or soft. Not even in Vienna.

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