Federsen, Roger Gerressen, grad_u, Merv – Ohm Series 2

Ohm Sweet Ohm

A few weeks ago Ohm Series 003 received a few words of praise here, and back then I was already wondering whether the other parts of the series are as good as that one. Which led to a bit of puzzlement as 002 wasn’t available yet. Whatever the reason might have been – here it is, and yes, it’s just as excellent as the third one.

As on the other two releases Bjarnar Jónsson assembles four highly respected masters of (Dub) Techno – this time it’s Federsen, Roger Gerressen, grad_u and Merv. A lot of bang for the buck, one of many reasons to like this label. It’s a fine variety pack as well as the the artists deliver four different approaches to the genre: Federsen deep and minimal, Gerressen tight and kicking, grad_u fast and voluminous, Merv in slightly spaced out Detroit style.

So it all just depends on your preference. I for one like the classy touch of Federsen here, very crisp sound, cleverly constructed minimal beats offering a nicely grooving foundation for plenty of neatly occupied space, waves and pads and a rhythmic haze – “Reduction” is really elegant stuff.

Which doesn’t mean that Roger Gerressen and the others fall short of what Federsen delivers. The Dutch veteran is taking a less dreamy and more direct approach with a tight beat, slappy claps resulting in a little more punch. Sure keeps the head bobbing.

Speed is increased substantially as soon as grad_u comes around the corner. Our friend from Lithuania clocks in at somewhere around 135 beats per minute – can’t remember when I last liked a piece of electronic music that put the pedal to the metal that much. But otherwise “ADHD” (fitting name by the way) is a hundred percent grad_u, grooving and weaving and jamming along for convincing eight minutes.

Copenhagen producer duo Merv don’t disappoint either with what sounds like an homage to classic Detroit techno. “Gradient” features big organ chords, a fat bass line, the drums seem to be pure 909… you gotta give it to Oldenborg and Christiansen, they have a really good hand at picking sounds, creating moods and cooking up a big late nineties atmosphere. Makes you wonder why it needed an 808 State comeback.

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