About. Sort of.

Not really sure if it is of any importance who I am. It’s not about me at all. Music has always been an important element in my life. When I was a kid, my mother used to give me five Deutsche Mark for a really good grade so I could go and buy a 7″ single of my choice. Years later, I didn’t exactly thank her for it when I stole one of her albums. One day I will review that album and share that story. I was heartbroken when I brought my most precious albums to school for a big event, playing some of it on what more or less was my first DJ gig – only to have all of them stolen some time later that day. I got crazy buying all kinds of synthesizers and samplers and drum machines, even a Rhodes (and I don’t even play the piano), trying to create my own music. Most of the time, the need to earn money was in the way of that. During all those years, my collection of music grew and grew and grew, much to the despair of movers whenever I went to a new place.

I don’t really think I will ever finish this project. Both because of the monstrous amount of music, and because I am constantly adding new music to the collection. The list doesn’t really get shorter, all things considered. But you really don’t want to read about a lot of the records anyway. And even if, quite a few of them would be too embarrassing for me to admit that I own them, and a lot of them I don’t really think I am qualified enough to write about.

We’ll see how far I get. And just in case you do want to know more about me, send an email.