Ohm & Kvadrant – City of Bridges

So pink so good

There are three good reasons to just simply go ahead and buy this cute little 12″ without even bothering to check out the pre-listening snippets.

Number one: it’s from Kontakt Records. I can’t remember anything mediocre coming from this label. Always quality stuff. Just check out YWF’s “Christa McAuliffe” EP. Definitely need to write about that one too.

Number two: it’s Ohm & Kvadrant. Yes, that’s sort of the same as the label is run by Johnny Fredsgaard and Johnny Fredsgaard is Kvadrant – but still, when he shares a session with Bjarnar Jónsson a.k.a. Ohm, you can rely on the result being worth adding to your bag.

Number three: it’s so screamingly pink that it almost hurts, and it looks good on your Technics. I know, some of you out there will roll your eyes and maybe even shake your head, but I like it.

And then there are four reasons to be reassured that skipping the pre-listening was a smart decision.

Number one: “Knippelsbro”. For those among you who don’t live in Copenhagen or aren’t familiar with the city well enough to know its many bridges: Knippelsbro is a bridge that leads across the Inner Harbor of the city. It was built in 1937 and designed by an architect called Kaj Gottlob. And it’s the title of the first track on this EP. You know, City of Bridges and all.

Big reason to like, actually. Super smooth Dub Techno groover, instant classic. One of those tracks that could go on forever and you wouldn’t mind. Even reminds me of some of the best classic Dub Taylor tracks. Nice balance of sweeping synth pads, solid forward motion underneath and a few vocal snippets with Rastafari teachings. Good one.

Number two: “Langebro”. As you might have already guessed, this is a bridge as well, translates into Long Bridge – and just like Knippelsbro it leads across Copenhagen’s Inner Harbor, just a little more to the South. It’s actually longer than Knippelsbro, just like this track is considerably longer than the first one. Do I like it? Sure. Even more reduced, moderately driving rhythm and a silky smooth synth theme that just goes on and on. Super solid.

Number three: “Højbro”. Translates into High Bridge – even though it’s not really very high. It’s much older than the other two bridges, built in the late 19th century. If you walk around the city center and decide that it’s a good idea to check out Christiansborg Palace, you will walk across Højbro. On this EP it’s the beatless and opulent sweeper that closes the journey across the city’s bridges. Three minutes of bliss, and you might want to put this on the big speakers and turn it up a little more than usual.

Number four: Jesper Dahlbäck’s walk across Knippelsbro. He chose to visit the city as The Persuader and delivers a remarkable remix that may carry some Dub Techno accessories but otherwise feels like classic Minimal/Tech House – don’t ask me why but I keep expecting Clair Dietrich to join the walk across the bridge singing “Make Up Your Mind”. And yes, a comparison with Swayzak is a compliment. Absolutely.

If I read it correctly, there are about two dozen more bridges in Copenhagen. Lots of work to do for Ohm & Kvadrant.

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