Blundetto – Fly High

Sweet indeed

A good six months ago I wrote something that bordered on a declaration of love for Blundetto’s dub version of his latest album, “Good Good Dub”. It’s been following me all through this summer even if that wasn’t much of a summer. Or because it wasn’t – I just let Monsieur Guiguet add some sunshine whenever the days were full of rain. Once I even got the fireplace going.

You just gotta love the guy and his music, and the label as well. Heavenly Sweetness is one of those wonderful places where the deep and heartfelt love for music is celebrated every minute, and where they still understand how to make those happy that are able to connect to this affection.

Just look at this little 7″. Small edition white label, hand stamped and numbered, featuring two of the charming songs from “Good Good Things”, the album the above mentioned Dub spin-off is based upon. Of course you theoretically don’t need it if you already own the album – but…

Yes, I had to have it. Saw the post on Instagram, jumped over to Bandcamp, ordered and smiled. And no, this is not one of those little schemes where a label wants to make an extra buck off vinyl hungry collectors. The price was super fair (plus your own contribution, nice function on Bandcamp) and clearly showed that this is a little goodie for everyone who is following the artist and the label.

Gone in no time, of course, and not just because of the small volume pressed. It’s mostly because the seven and a half minutes on this single are just what the label promises – heavenly sweetness. At the side of Blundetto, Hindi Zahra’s voice is even more lovely than on her own albums, and as much as the wish to fly high may not be a totally new concept in music, it’s unavoidable to follow her, up and away from the dark.

The B-side clearly isn’t a B-side as the instrumental “Paseo” is one of those tracks that will instantly put you right on a deserted beach, a lovely little hill way out in the countryside, or any other place that represents absolute bliss to whoever is listening. For a few minutes, everything is just absolutely fine.

On Bandcamp, the label offered to add a tote bag to the order – I couldn’t refuse. The actual package included some stickers as well. Now I can carry Heavenly Sweetness to the world, on the side of my suitcase, when I go out and fly high, at least on a plane.

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