Various Artists – Ohm Series 7

Oh, it’s seven already?

Damn. Seems like yesterday when I wrote about Ohm Series 2 and 3 here. And now it’s 7 already. Really? Where has time gone? Come on, we don’t even have Corona anymore to mess up our sense of it. No, I didn’t miss the ones in between, added most of them to the 8000, just didn’t find the time to write. Work. Another thing that messes up time badly.

Good thing it doesn’t touch the quality of releases in this series. Label boss Bjarnar Jónsson himself rarely puts on his Ohm cap to contribute to his series – almost sad if you look at his contributions. This is just the second time he goes beyond curating it, teaming up with his favorite production partner Octal Industries, and inviting Federsen to add his fine touch to the first of four tracks on this EP. “System” is the result, a track that is exactly what you would have come for, excellent, driving Dub Techno – instant classic.

Expectations fulfilled after the first of four tracks: not bad at all. Another good thing about this series: the range of styles and talents. I really wouldn’t have expected Lee Holman to show up here, his usual releases residing on the quite mercilessly banging side of Techno. But just like Banales on Ohm Series 3 he takes the foot off the gas a little, throws in a few consolation stabs and calming pads – and there we go, we’re not just “Absorbed By The Elements”, but by Holman as well. Oh, and check out his Facebook profile. His “On The Blend” videos give plenty of proof why djing on vinyl is the only proper way to do it.

In a way, that’s one of the nicest things about this series – inviting folks that usually don’t reside in the Dub Techno sphere to explore their deeper side, coming up with tracks that often expand and enrich the spectrum.

While Mr. Holman is pretty much a veteran, the name Andrea Cichecki probably doesn’t ring too many bells yet. Born in the Netherlands, now living in Dresden, she primarily works as a sound engineer. Her list of releases is quite short up to now – but it doesn’t take a lot of predictive talent to say that the deep and expansive pleasantness of “Universe Blue” will get her more invitations by Dub Techno labels. Nice website, too, by the way.

And look who’s back. El Choop. How’s it going, Harvey? Harvey teamed up with Ohm for a split EP on Ranges two years ago and released his second 12″ on Echocord earlier this year. Oh, and a Pizza Hotline album last year, his “more nostalgic / fruity / lo-fi” project. Worth checking out. On “Vixen”, he is none of that, opting for more classic / minimal / punchy elements of Dub Techno. Well, maybe a bit nostalgic, with those string-like pads way in the back of the mix. Lovely.

Keep them coming, Ohm, always a pleasure.

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