Ittara – Peace of mind

Peace not quiet

Sitting on a train. What they call the quiet zone. Today, it seems like quiet zone is where no one is screaming at the top of their lungs. Right behind me two ladies are discussing how much cheaper it is to buy a house in Spain versus doing the same in Switzerland. No kidding. Goes on forever about financing it and how life is peachy down there near Alicante. I plug in the AirPods and listen to some ambient stuff. I can still hear her going on about real estate issues and cost of living comparisons.

Needless to say that no one is interested (maybe not even the person she’s talking to). I try to achieve some peace of mind with a dose of Ambient, but I still hear her going on somewhere in the background. Might as well put on something completely different and write about it. Et voilà – Ittara is on my list, delivering exactly what I need. “Peace Of Mind”. Not Ambient at all. It might even be questioned whether we’re still within the realms of Dub Techno. This is out there with some of the more banging grad_u stuff.

It works wonders. No more bla bla from behind me, just a singleminded, driving beat, punchy triple stabs, deep bass, and absolutely no detours. This thing wants your attention, it’s the kind of track that will stop anyone from babbling away somewhere next to the dance floor, it’s shut up and move your butt. If anyone says anything or even thinks anything it’s probably shit what is this.

Just in case it doesn’t knock on your door hard enough – try the Markus Suckut remix. It does precisely what a remix should do. Grab an aspect of the original track that you can build on. Suckut obviously chose to grab what that makes “Peace Of Mind” a serious floorfiller and simply turn the knob from 10 to 11. Big old handclaps, even bigger and fatter cymbals, the stabs even more pronounced, for an even broader smile.

If I counted correctly, it’s just a handful of Ittara releases. And yet – already remixed by Rasmus Hedlund, Knowone and Markus Suckut. Not bad at all. And it looks like the slightly tougher and uncompromising approach to Dub Techno suits him well. Or her? Hard to find out anything about the person responsible. But hey – probably just wants some peace of mind. Fully understand. Just keep it going.

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